photo / production shoots

SPACES, located at De Harte Venue, Gauteng Pretoria, paints a vivid picture of a versatile and dynamic high-fashion outdoor studio, perfect for film, television, and photo productions. The setting exudes creativity and flexibility, offering unlimited photo opportunities against its white walls and intriguing staircases that cast captivating shadows, forming creative lines in the process.

This open-air studio stands out as a photographer and model’s dream location, designed to accommodate various needs across different industries. The space is not only visually appealing but also highly adaptable, with the option to introduce props and even customize the studio by painting walls in specific colors to match the creative vision of each project.

For added convenience, there is a dressing and makeup room available upon request, ensuring that the models and talent can prepare for their shoots in a comfortable and well-equipped environment. The curated variety of SPACES within the studio caters to a wide range of creative endeavors, making it the ideal destination for capturing the perfect stills and creating compelling films.

Overall, SPACES is a haven for artistic expression, providing the ideal backdrop for professionals in the fashion, film, and television industries to bring their visions to life.